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Breathing in pure oxygen during hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective way to heal tough-to-treat diabetic skin ulcers and other skin wounds. At Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists in Southgate, Michigan, the cardiovascular team offers in-office hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce your risk for serious infections and other complications of non-healing skin conditions. They customize your therapy plan to your needs and focus on reducing your risk for limb loss. To find out if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment option for you, call the office in the Downriver area or book an appointment online today.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Q & A

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a noninvasive treatment where you rest in a pressurized chamber and breathe in pure oxygen for a set period of time.

Within the chamber, the air pressure increases up to three times higher than normal air pressure to provide your lungs with more oxygen. This ensures your blood can carry more oxygen-rich blood to areas of your body to promote healing.

Why would I need hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

The team at Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat conditions like non-healing diabetic wounds, skin graft failures, and gangrene (dead tissue).

The treatment works by increasing the amount of oxygen you take in to fight bacteria growth. The increase in oxygen also stimulates your body to release more growth factors and stem cells that help tissue heal from the inside out.

Stem cells also have the unique ability to regenerate into any type of cell, including skin cells, nerve cells, and muscle cells, to replace those damaged by disease.

The team at Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists might also use hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of your post revascularization treatment plan for cardiovascular disease or limb-salvage surgery.

What can I expect during hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you sit or lie comfortably as the pressure in the chamber increases. You breathe in and out like you normally would.

You might experience a fullness sensation in your ears which you can relieve by swallowing or yawning.

After your therapy is complete, your Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists provider checks your ears, your blood pressure, and your pulse before you can go home. If you have diabetes, you can also expect a blood glucose test before leaving.

How many sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy might I need?

In general, hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions last 90 minutes. You might need multiple sessions to achieve the desired results.

The team at Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists can determine how often you need therapy depending on your condition and the results of your first treatment.

To find out if hyperbaric oxygen therapy is right for you, call Downriver Heart and Vascular Specialists, or book an appointment online today.